Why Digital Marketing is important For Small Businesses?

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So are you a neighborhood superstore looking at opportunities to stay engaged with your loyal customers? Or the new fast food restaurant just opened at the block and having tough competition in attracting customers? Or the established ladies’ fashion and apparel outlet promoting the new product line about to hit the store before the Eid festival? Do you want to know why digital marketing is important for small businesses?

Your situation and needs may look different, but your challenge is the same. How to reach the customers at the right time, at the right place, with the right message….and of course, most importantly, at the right price! Well, you may think about traditional marketing channels available to the small & medium-sized businesses, such as printing pamphlets, putting up banners, have a neon display outside the store, or maybe doing an sms or cold-call campaign if you had an unintentional upgrade to technology. 

But let me ask you… as a customer yourself, how much time you spend on reading pamphlets? or appreciating the folded banners mingled with each other at the roadside poles? No doubt you’ll skip the busy streets while driving anyway (where most neon signs will flash if load-shedding permits 😊), and forget about giving any attention to the deluge of hundreds of untrustworthy sms and calls spamming your phone every day.

“How to reach the costumers at the right time, at the right place, with the right message…and of course most importantly, at the right place!”

Then why, as a small and medium size business owner, would you spend thousand of rupees from your previous and limited marketing budget on such activities?  If you are among the growing number of educated business owners, then you already know the uselessness of these legacy methods. But maybe you don’t know what else you can do … or where and how to find help in meeting your marketing objectives.

We Will Help You Understand Why Digital Marketing is important for Small Businesses

You may find some answers if you pay attention to the some of the key consumer behavior patterns like below

  1. Look at where the consumers are spending most of their time. Regardless of the lock down situation due to Covid-19, your existing and potential customers are mostly active online, either on their mobile phones or computers
  2. Find where the consumers go to search the “best place” for their next purchase 
  3. Realize the consumers trust the recommendations from their friends and family members more than any brochures or banners.
  4. Understand more and more buying decisions are made online, regardless of whether the transaction happens online or physically at the store

And as you think and go deeper, you will surely come to the conclusion the way forward is Digital Marketing. Digital marketing can help you reach, engage and influence your customers where you can find them – in their favorite online and social media platforms. You can run campaigns or even just maintain the presence effectively and able to measure the effectiveness of your spend unlike the blackholes of outdated and ineffective marketing methods. Digital marketing is the true way to reach the customers at the right time, at the right place, with the right message….and of course, at the right price! Talking of price, you must be wondering it’ll cost you an arm and leg to get into digital marketing….. not really! Now you must have realized why digital marketing is important for small businesses. You can count on digiBigs as your partner in helping you start your digital marketing journey at nominal cost. But you have to take the first step!

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